My Solo Entrepreneurship Journey (so far)

Scared af

Startups are hard.

The promise of disrupting industries, achieving rapid growth, and attaining financial independence fuels the dreams of countless aspiring entrepreneurs. However, behind the glamour and excitement lies a harsh reality: startups are hard.

The internet has lowered barriers to entry, making it easier than ever to launch a web startup. However, this accessibility has also led to intense competition in almost every niche imaginable. Even SaaS!

Here’s 4 things I've learned so far building my SaaS startup, Works App, as a solo founder:

1) Distribution > product

Startups need to hustle for every user. SEO, social media, and direct engagement are not just nice-to-haves; they're your lifeline.

Doubling down on these moving forward.·

2) Launch fast and iterate

Launch fast, iterate faster. I've realized that if you’re not solving a real pain with your MVP you’ll see it fast in the data.

I was too slow with this.

3) Being a solo founder has perks

Going solo in a startup saves you from cofounder conflicts and a harder decisions. Enjoying going at my own pace and making my own decisions.

That said, I'd like to have a team eventually!

4) Prioritize shipping (anything)

Solo startups are naturally a leaner, more agile approach to operations and decision-making. I've learned that planning in startups is mostly a form of procrastination.

I'm going to ship code and marketing content as often as I can

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