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I’ll share my thoughts on marketing, tech, and, most likely, a combination of the two, but let me tell you a bit about my story.

My name's Alex. I'm originally from the UK and have lived in Asia for the past decade. After moving to Hong Kong in 204 for school, I was fortunate to discover a whole new world with disruptive apps like WeChat and Taobao and day-to-day life there, traveling to new places and dynamic economies from Indonesia to South Korea.

After completing my graduate degree, I followed my passion for technology by joining a fast-growing smartphone brand called MEIZU in Shenzhen as a Marketing Executive. Instantly, I fell in love with smartphones and the fast-paced environment of the technology industry.

Later, I agreed to join OPPO as Public Relations manager and as the sole foreign employee, another smartphone brand with a global expansion mission. The three years at OPPO were fantastic. I learned marketing planning and strategy, working with product managers, art directors, and the management team.

Then at OnePlus we had to endure many challenges but nevertheless, I enjoyed working with a global team from India to North America to take its 'Never Settle' mantra to new products and places.

Most recently I worked for Cision, the global leader in PR software, as a Marketing & Communications Leader.

I’m also a builder and creator. There are two projects I’m focusing on right now.

I'm solo-building Works, a project management platform for marketers. I also co-founded HYPEWORKS, a marketing podcast and newsletter.

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