Future of Business: The One Man Show

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This X, formerly Twitter, post might not look like much, but it’s the future of business. What do I mean by that? And who is the poster?

Pieter Levels is a Dutch entrepreneur, programmer, and digital nomad known for his projects in the realm of indie hacking and remote work. His website "Nomad List" gained prominence, which provides information and tools for digital nomads, including city rankings, cost of living data, and community forums.

He's the poster boy of the ‘Indie hacker’ movement, that is the group of entrepreneurs and remote workers bootstrapping while doing so remote and of a certain lifestyle (think Bali).

What’s driving this movement, aside from Pieter is two huge trends: AI, automating a lot of development, marketing and human resource level tasks. And secondly, VC’s relative decline, underscored by IPO’s basically becoming extinct.

if you read Pieter’s post, he’s basically got a business (InteriorAI.com) that largely runs on autopilot with the help of AI that pulls in circa $50k a month at 90% plus margins. It’s nuts.

Now, this is pretty rare among businesses today. But could it be the norm tomorrow? If every business adopts Pieter’s approach, there’s no reason why this can’t extend beyond generative AI type startups to the masses.

Imagine warehouses or factories become automated, which is certainly looking likely. Then, throw in all of the administrative and marketing sides, and you get something like the Sequoia Capital interpretation of the AI-powered business of the future.

What do you think? Are we over romancing on AI or are we even under playing just how dramatic business will change? Leave a comment here or on my socials.

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