2023: The Year of AI

I’m writing this using AI. Who’d have said that last year!

2023 is undoubtedly the year AI went mainstream, and it literally has changed the way we work, play and communicate. The funny thing is, it’s been around a while, most people just didn’t see it to break out.

Think about that neat autofill feature on your iPhone or Google’s autocomplete; these are AI features that we’ve all be using for ages. But like any new market, there needs to be a killer product like ChatGPT for it it to reach the general public’s consciousness.

Since then, we’ve seen a raft of new tools emerge from Midjourney’s text to graphic tools to Adobe Photoshop AI Generative Fill. All of them let us do our jobs much faster and have made us more creative than ever before.

So, 2023 was definitely act one. But if there’s anything we can learn from previous technological breakthroughs from e-commerce to mobile, there will be ups and downs plenty.

The things we think AI is going to be likey won’t turn out that way at all. Sure, Amazon pioneered e-commerce and Apple likewise apps, but that doesn’t mean OpenAI or one of the large FAANG’s will dominate.

The internet is the most powerful thing humanity’s invented since well..forever. And ofcourse it can be a platform for evil. But i’m hopeful that AI in this case will basically allow us to get more done, faster all the while freeing up more time for more fun.

Personally, I’m pretty excited for 2024 after a few years of Covid related slow-down. It feels like progress for everyone is more realistic despite all the troubles in the world. If there’s one area that will do it it’s Tech, nothing else comes close. Technology itself is a definition of breaking past the status quo.

Have a great 2024..I’m confident it will be really great!

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